11 Jan 2012

New Year

At the Workshop |

Another year has begun and, after a hiatus of nearly six months, I’m back with a new workshop space and a new website design!

I had hoped to relaunch the blog with the new look last week, but had a few distractions that came up. I designed this new template to use some subtle CSS3 techniques and larger images since this blog is mostly in-progress photos. It’s meant for current web browsers, but hopefully if you’re viewing this using an older browser it depreciates gracefully. What do you think?

Picking up where I left off, I have two pairs that I need to finish (fortunately they are both for VERY patient customers…) and new orders that are piling up.

I finished making the uppers for the Gibsons yesterday. Here are a few progress photos of those.

Finished uppers for the Gibsons

Uppers for the Chukka Boots are next…