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14 Mar 2012


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13 Mar 2012

Heel Lifts Continued

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12 Mar 2012

2nd Rands & Heel Lifts

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The Chukka Boots have 2nd rands attached and trimmed, and heel lifts.

29 Feb 2012

Trimming Soles

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27 Feb 2012

Chukka Boot Progress

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09 Feb 2012

Rands for Gibsons

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07 Feb 2012


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The Chukka Boots have rands attached.

05 Feb 2012

Welts Stitched

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01 Feb 2012

From Toe Puffs to Welts

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30 Jan 2012

Chukka Boots Lasted

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The Chukka Boots have been lasted and toe puffs are in place, ready to be shaped with a rasp.

27 Jan 2012

Toe Puffs

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Toe puffs have been placed, shaped with a rasp, and then the toes have been re-lasted on the Gibsons.

26 Jan 2012

Chukka Boot Insoles

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25 Jan 2012

Gibsons Lasted

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23 Jan 2012


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Preparing the insoles for the Chukka Boots. I’m using insole shoulder from Warkov-Safeer for these, which is on the soft side and can use some of the stretch taken out of it.

22 Jan 2012

Heel Counters & Side Reinforcements

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Preparation for lasting the Gibsons and the Chukka Boots.

18 Jan 2012

Finished Uppers

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The uppers for the Chukka Boots are finished and here are some progress photos showing a few of the final steps.

17 Jan 2012


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More progress on the uppers for the Chukka Boots, which should be finished later today.

15 Jan 2012

And Continues

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Here’s a few photos of the continuing progress on the making of the uppers for the Chukka Boots, from folding edges to sewing the backstay onto the quarters.

13 Jan 2012

Upper Making Continues

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Work on the uppers for the Chukka Boots continues with some clicking and skiving.

12 Jan 2012


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A few progress photos of the making of the uppers for The Chukka Boots. Lining has been clicked, skived and the non-slip has been sewn in.

11 Jan 2012

New Year

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Another year has begun and, after a hiatus of nearly six months, I’m back with a new workshop space and a new website design!

I had hoped to relaunch the blog with the new look last week, but had a few distractions that came up. I designed this new template to use some subtle CSS3 techniques and larger images since this blog is mostly in-progress photos. It’s meant for current web browsers, but hopefully if you’re viewing this using an older browser it depreciates gracefully. What do you think?

Picking up where I left off, I have two pairs that I need to finish (fortunately they are both for VERY patient customers…) and new orders that are piling up.

I finished making the uppers for the Gibsons yesterday. Here are a few progress photos of those.

Finished uppers for the Gibsons

Uppers for the Chukka Boots are next…

09 Jan 2012

Gibson Uppers

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A few photos of the making of the uppers for the Gibsons.

26 Jul 2011

Chukka Lasts

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Even though I only need to bump out the last by a few millimeters over the 4th toe on the right last, it takes a fairly large piece of leather in order to maintain the shape of the last.

I pre-skived the piece of leather before I glued it to the last, but there’s more skiving to be done…

… and rasping too.

It’s mostly there. I’ll leave it along for a day or so and work on it again with fresh eyes. It seems to work better that way.

21 Jul 2011

Chukka Test Fitters

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A couple of weeks ago I finally was able to schedule a test fitting for the Chukka Boots. After I met with the client, I left the test fitters with him to wear around the office a bit to make sure that the fit was good. I had no idea he would wear them outside and while driving his car! I am surprised that the cork soles didn’t complete crumble.

The results:

The lasts for these are a surprisingly good fit. Only a small addition to the top of the right last over the 4th toe will be needed.

The customer wanted the height of the boot to be a little lower, so the pattern has been altered slightly.

Old pattern on the left, and new pattern on the right.

Spot the differences.

27 May 2011


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The insoles for the Gibsons are ready. Still need to alter the pattern and make the uppers.